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Leroy Chiao, US astronaut, wearing a Russian space suit on the ISS.

Leroy Chiao, US astronaut, wearing a Russian space suit on the ISS.

NASA’s Astronaut Leroy Chiao relaxed on comms duty on the International Space Station when a ping! alerted him to an incoming email. I had no idea my query would be routed off-world and yet it happened. You see, I was researching about the nature of the struts supporting the ISS. Specifically, the aluminium photovoltaic array supports. In ARIA Left Luggage I had an enigmatic piece of alien luggage lodged in the struts and I needed to know if they were magnetic. Of course I’d searched the NASA and JPL archives but only found the specification that had been sent out to industry for their bids, but not the final decision on construction. Next thing I knew, Leroy answered my questions.

Leroy Chiao - NASA Astronaut

Leroy Chiao – NASA Astronaut

He said the struts were made of a very thin aluminium. “But they’re so thin,” he says, “micrometeorites WILL go through them. This is rather worrying considering I am up here at the moment!”

My jaw dropped. This was in 2005 when it was unheard of for ordinary writers like me to receive emails from space! We exchanged a few more, then in 2012 when ARIA: Left Luggage was to be published by LL-Publications, I emailed him again to ensure I hadn’t been dreaming. I hadn’t and he wished me luck with the book.Aria Trilogy - Left Luggage

I must find a mailing address for him so I can send him a signed copy.



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  1. ARIA is the first and so far only book to use the concept of infectious amnesia.
  2. Although character-led, the novel has breakthrough plot threads, making us think of what is the most important and crucial aspects of our lives.
  3. All the places on Earth used in the book are real geographical locations, including the ‘hidden’ valley – Anafon – in North Wales.
  4. The cover art is designed by award-winning artist, Andy Bigwood.
  5. The idea of infectious amnesia came while I was riding a bicycle up a steep Welsh hill.

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