A #decade of writing 2000-2019

Decadal writing
2003 first short of the decade was called 2020 Vision published in the Chester Writers anthology
2003-05 ESCAPING REALITY http://hyperurl.co/nyjaiv  Only as an ebook now

2005-08 EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEE http://hyperurl.co/du4s3h
2009 HOT AIR http://hyperurl.co/di4y0h 
2009-12 ARIA LEFT LUGGAGE http://smarturl.it/1fexhs

2013 ARIA RETURNING LEFT LUGGAGE http://hyperurl.co/tgtid6
2014 ARIA ABANDON LUGGAGE http://hyperurl.co/26trxv
2014-17 XAGHRA’S REVENGE http://myBook.to/Xaghra

2018 INCREMENTAL http://mybook.to/Incremental a collection of 25 surreal shorts
2019 SUPPOSE WE, https://mybook.to/SupposeWe
2019 FALLING UP https://mybook.to/FallingUP

Plus over 80 short stories published in such journals as Jupiter, SF Perihelion, The HorrorZine, Twisted Tails, Alternate Historical Fiction, Another Realm, Aphelion, SFerics, Monk Punk Omnibus, Extreme Planets.

Particularly fun is that the first story of the decade I had accepted was called 2020 Vision about a far-future home in 2020!

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