Awe of ancient Malta

When tourists and historians discover the Maltese islands they are bowled over by the golden glow of the ancient limestone streets. Many roads in the Mdina – the ancient island’s capital – are narrow and tall to keep out the sunlight and to make it difficult for invaders.

Then shocked yet filled with admiration at the WW2 Siege of Malta followed by horror at the mass abduction of Gozo’s people in 1551. Hardly written about in fiction until XAGHRA’S REVENGE: a mix of contemporary lovers in France thrown together by ancient Gozo spirits and Ottoman pirates.

Turgot Reis by Ali Sami Boyer

These are not the swash-buckling Hollywood pirates with an eye patch, parrot and peg leg, but intelligent, calculating, proud buccaneers and their story is told here too.

“Fast action, breathless description” 5* reviews

#KindleUnlimited, and paperback.



#historical fiction #fantasy #horror #paranormal romance

ISBN-13: 978-1625266224

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