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I blogged Ira Nayman’s BAD ACTORS this Autumn but I didn’t leave a review from my own reading. Here it is. Hang on to your hats.

Published in October 2021 by Elsewhen Press

Strap yourself in when reading this hilarious, bizarro scifi adventurous mystery with added ‘easter eggs’ and sex-trafficking. Billions of little blue aliens on ‘Earths’ need refugee status on this Earth (Prime) when their universe dies. Luckily, we’re in a multiverse so there are other Earths to take them besides the few thousands here. Canadian and Transdimensional Authority police are called when an alien is murdered and later when others go missing. Search for Jane Fonda’s Orgasmatron, discover why there might be more than 5 original ideas (or 2 or 35) and most of all search in your reading for why Joe         Mahoney and Rodney        Pendleton (the first alien immigrant) have 9 character spaces in place of their middle names. Why don’t Earth vests have pockets, is a male bimbo a himbo and discover the real reason why the Eskimos (sorry, Northern indigenous peoples) have 127 names for snow. Is the phone calls with Sir Paul McCartney a step towards understanding the umbrellaist/hattite feud? No, but then “telling the whole truth can be a sneaky bastard.”

Bad actors are so called for going off script, behaving irregularly, and for storming off set leaving sparks. You’ll gush with pleasure and other stuff (mind the new carpets) when reading BAD ACTORS.

An absolute must read for aficionados of the bizarro genre and humour.




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