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frontcoverFor a change I’ve released a non-fiction book. Chester’s Climate first came out in 1985, printed by a local Handbridge printer and sold out within a year. Recently, I have received requests for copies but I only have 3 and they’ve been taken apart. So Mrs N scanned in the pages and I uploaded them to Payhip – related to Paypal. I’d already done most of the research and work in the 1980s so I’m only charging $2 because it is an ebook at present.

This is from the press release:

This 40-page booklet was inspired by extremes of temperature and rain in the 1980s and was first published in 1985 and sold out in the same year. This edition is substantially the same but with a couple of pages at the end updating temperature and air pollution trends.

In this book are answers to:

Did the mid 20th Century have the best summers?

Are we due for the storm of centuries?

How often has the River Dee frozen over?

How is the Chester climate suitable for farming?

River Dee, Chester in 1929

River Dee, Chester in 1929

Did you know that local weather in Chester:

Uprooted trees in the city centre?

Made the city walls fall down?
Made a church kill a child?

Made a man eat his wife then is eaten himself?

Had colder winters than 1947 and 1963?

Had tornadoes and hurricanes?

Has its own cloud formations?

CHESTER’S CLIMATE: past and present new edition released 4th January 2017

link to buy for only £1.50 or dollar equivalent – BARGAIN PRICE!!grosbrdge
My own cartoon illustrating how windy a Chester bridge can get!

Update:I have to laugh at my local paper, which carried a piece about the reissue of my Chester’s Climate book. In the blurb I’d written that the climate caused part of the city walls to tumble. Their headline: “Chester author claims cold caused city walls to fall down.” Haha. Did I have such big sneeze? If they’d read the book they’d have seen it was torrential rain in an 1828 storm that undermined the walls.

It reminds me of when Prof J S Haldane was interviewed in the 40s about what the moon is made of. He said, “No one knows.”
“But what is your best guess?”
“There might be silicates on the surface. Not sure.”
“What are silicates?”
“Quartz such as used in glass making.”

Next day’s headline: Scientist says moon is made of broken glass.

Link to that newspaper story:

o that newspaper story:




A BBC Microcomputer with manual c 1983

A few days ago I was interviewed by the prestigious magazine, Cheshire Life, about the Chester’s Climate ebook. Two attractive young women met me in the Pitcher & Piano restaurant bar in Chester and we chatted about the book. Then I told them of a curious circle of fate in the IT sense with the book: Chester’s Climate: past and present was born on a BBC Microcomputer in the early 1980s but sold as a paper book but is now out as an ebook. Hence from computer to computer over a 32 year interlude. In fact the 1985 version was sold with a 5″ floppy disckette of data, text and formulae too – way ahead of its time! The girls then leaned forward and said,”What’s a BBC MIcro?”

Haha. So here is a pic of one, girls and anyone else under 30.

Nelder News

chaosofmokiiLast month Solstice Publishing released my short story, The Chaos of Mokii as an ebook. It’s the first short for which I had to write a blurb, acknowledgments and select a cover art. Previously, I’d done all that for novels of over 80,000 words rather than a tale of only 3,400 words. The blurb? Mokii is a city existing only in the consciousness of its inhabitants. Olga is sitting in a train while her minds negotiates past Mokii’s bouncer and relaxes into the entertainments and infrastructure of the mind-city. She discovers a thief about to usurp the city in order to take its lucrative telepathic advertising. Does she thwart him? Yours for 99 pence or a dollar 22 cents to find out!

Grab it on Kindle http://mybook.to/ChaosOM

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