Debbie De Louise grabs my b…

Yes, writer extraordinaire, Debbie De Louise grabs my blog!

Have you seen this? No sooner have I managed to pull on my bouncer’s armband and booted out Nicole from usurping my blog then another one sneaks in under the radar. Here she is Debbie De Louise. Such a good writer she can write herself onto anyone’s website. Let’s see what she has to say…

Debbie De Louise, writer

Debbie De Louise, writer

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It’s my pleasure to participate in the Solstice Publishing author’s group winter blog tour by sharing a post about myself, my books, and my feelings about writing.

As a librarian, reader, and author, books and the written word have been very important in my life. I can’t imagine a world without them. Writing transports people to places they’ve never visited within as well as outside of themselves. It entertains, teaches, amuses, and sometimes saddens. The saying “The pen is mightier than the sword” is true. Even before paper was invented or languages defined, storytellers played an important role in communities. They still do despite the fact there are so many forms of communication today. A good story has value whether it is read off a screen, through the pages of an “old-fashioned” book, or listened to on audio CD’s or digital files.

Books have healing properties. It’s been proven that reading has many emotional benefits, and what benefits your mind also positively affects your body. Have you ever found yourself so immersed in a book that you felt like you were one of the characters? Have you traveled in time with a historical novel? Been frightened by a horror story? Fallen in love with a romance? Surprised by the twist in a mystery? Excited by a scene in a thriller? Books can stir your emotions and stimulate your mind. Who needs drugs or other addictive agents when a story can relax or energize you? There are no limits to where your imagination can lead you with the pages of a book as your guide.

I remember when I first started reading in second grade. It was more fun to me than any of the games I played. I felt like I’d discovered a wonderful secret or found a magic spell. As I grew older, my love of books increased. I admired the authors who were able to make me visualize the worlds they created. Then I began writing my own stories to entertain myself. But I also had a dream that one day, like my favorite authors, I would also be able to reach people around the world and give them the gift of my words.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Debbie De Louise

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Debbie De Louise

Publishing my own books today feels just as magical and not a little unreal. Seeing my books listed online or occupying a spot on my library or bookstore’s shelf seems incredible. When people review my books or personally give me feedback, knowing that my words are being read through their eyes is nothing short of miraculous. Still, I know that there are millions of books out there and more being published every minute. How can I hope to compete? How can I make my dream come true and reach all the people who would enjoy my stories? That’s the lament of new authors as well as old. I don’t have the answers. The best advice I can give myself as well as other writers who want to stand out from the crowd is to write what comes from their heart. Readers identify with real feelings, and most fiction is based on reality. You’re the only one who can write your book. Tell the story you’d like to read, and chances are others will be interested, too.

For more information about me and my books and stories including my Cobble Cove mystery series, connect with me through the following links:




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Sneaky the Library Cat’s Blog: (blog hosted by the cat character from my Cobble Cove mysteries who interviews other animal characters and some real-life author’s pets)

Cobble Cove Character Chat (Facebook page where you can interact with the characters from my mysteries):

I will be hosting an author hour on Monday, February 20 from 3-4 pm during Mystery Thriller week

Some of the characters from my mysteries will be helping me post information about their books and offer some giveaways. For more information, visit the event page at

When Jack Trumps Ace: Debbie De Louise

When Jack Trumps Ace: Debbie De Louise

Also, look for my romantic comedy Novella, When Jack Trumps Ace, coming this February from Solstice Publishing.


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Thanks, Debbie for your blog piece here on my blog. I see one of your books has pre-empted the new President with its title – haha.

Nelder News

A few days ago I was interviewed by the prestigious magazine, Cheshire Life, about the Chester’s Climate ebook. Two attractive young women met me in the Pitcher & Piano restaurant bar in Chester and we chatted about the book. Then I told them of a curious circle of fate in the IT sense with the book: Chester’s Climate: past and present was born on a BBC Microcomputer in the early 1980s but sold as a paper book but is now out as an ebook. Hence from computer to computer over a 32 year interlude. In fact the 1985 version was sold with a 5″ floppy disckette of data, text and formulae too – way ahead of its time! The girls then leaned forward and said, “What’s a BBC MIcro?”

Haha. So here is a pic of one, girls and anyone else under 30.

BBC Micro circa 1983

BBC Micro circa 1983


Price £1.99 ebook and equivalent for US$

Product link for Chester’s Climate


Nelder News

Last month Solstice Publishing released my short story, The Chaos of Mokii as an ebook. It’s the first short for which I had to write a blurb, acknowledgments and select a cover art. Previously, I’d done all that for novels of over 80,000 words rather than a tale of only 3,400 words. The blurb? Mokii is a city existing only in the consciousness of its inhabitants. Olga is sitting in a train while her minds negotiates past Mokii’s bouncer and relaxes into the entertainments and infrastructure of the mind-city. She discovers a thief about to usurp the city in order to take its lucrative telepathic advertising. Does she thwart him? Yours for 99 pence or a dollar 22 cents to find out!

Grab it on Kindle

Links to buy ARIA and other of my books are on my Amazon author page

ARIA: Left Luggage is only 99p give or take a few pence at the moment on Kindle so grab it at

Or via other formats

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  1. Debbie De Louise

    Hey, Geoff. Thanks so much for sharing my guest post. I did not intentionally title my new book after the president, but thanks for pointing that out. Have a great day.


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