Geoff’s Links

  • Hot off the Press. Get ready for National Novel Writing Month – tips from Dave Haslett
  • Adventure Books of Seattle a small press publisher of science fiction, adventure and true-life.
  • Aidan Lucid’s website. Aidan is an Irish writer of marvelous YA fantasy.
  • Ask David is a useful FREE promotion site. I use it.
  • Author Insider Book marketing site – many tips and links to authors and relevant sites
  • Cafe Doom ForumCafe Doom Immensely helpful chat and info site for horror writers.
  • Visit Cold Coffee Cafe
  • Double Dragon Publishing. The one responsible for producing my science fiction mystery Exit, Pursued by a Bee.
  • Eleanor Patrick is a writer friend from the Ideas4writers website. She’s an outstanding freelance editor and author of riveting children’s books and stories.
  • Escaping this is NOT a site about my thriller but a cool sci-fi homage to Stargate SG-1 and Amanda Tapping. Relax in here. I did.
  • GoodKindles – a promotion site for authors and readers of free, cheap and value Kindles.
  • Horror MastersHorror Masters:  A source of wonderful horror, ghost, mystery and spine chilling stoies including some of mine.
  • Ideas 4 Writers: If you’re not already subscribing to this excellent resource, do it now.
  • And I highly recommend all writers to buy this handy reference – even if you are not in a hurry!

    Fastest Way to Write Your BookThe fastest way to write your book

    “The easy, pain-free way to write a professional novel or non-fiction book in 75 hours or less!”

    e-book: £7.95, Paperback: £9.95

  • Kalkion a nifty new ezine of science fiction and fact
  • LitFire offer a free ebook on the truth behind self-publishing (& small press would find this useful too)
  • Nick Leforce American Poet : This is the official website of the famous author, Nick Leforce also well known as the transformational poet. You will be able to read samples of his poetry, follow his events, and stay updated with his latest work.
  • LL-Publications the wise publishers of ARIA and other magnificent novels.
  • Magpies Nest Publishing – run by the great Gladys Hobson, an inspirational wit and writer
  • Sam Smith: poetry editor at the former BeWrite Books and a fine science fiction writer – among other genres.
  • Screaming Dreams: Fantasy small press publishing and fantastic artwork by Steve Upham (Cover art for some of BeWrite’s books, mags & CDs)
  • Story Mania: a treasure of links to authors worldwide
  • Eileen Thornton: award winning author from the Scottish Borders
  • Thrust a deceptively simple game that uses Newtonian gravitational physics- hence my reason for a link – tenuously with my SF stories
  • Rev Wayne Austin Goodchild – a dazzling horror writer with an irreverant sense of humour.
  • BigBangBackSmallWelshwriters: Discover a very humorous, dazzling and talented writer, scriptwriter and terrific guy. Big Bang is a terrific book of his.