Irresistible coincidence


ARIA: Left Luggage begins with the discovery of a silvery suitcase-like object in the struts of the International Space Station (ISS). Nerd that I am, I was keen to ensure that those struts couldn’t be magnetic so I found by chance a Nasa engineer’s email and asked him. Imagine my surprise when he confirmed the struts are a rather thin aluminium, too thin for his – Leroy Chaio –  liking because he was up there in orbit as we spoke! I don’t know of any other science fiction writer who was in more-or-less live communication with an astronaut in orbit.

Anyway what was in the news today? An engineer on an EVA at the ISS lost hold of a white toolbag. There, a photo of it looking rather like a suitcase!

See the case reflected in the faceplate of ARIA’s astronaut? (image by Andy Bigwood).

Jim Brown, my publisher, reminded me that in ARIA: Left Luggage I’d also predicted a viral pandemic although mine was rather more strange with infectious amnesia.

All we need now is for that toolbag to be really an alien helpful box of tricky viruses.


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