Is Ggantija an astronomical portal?

Watching a documentary on an ancient Irish dolman the other night, in which a theory was proposed that it was built to observe and time the equinoxes, it seemed to me that perhaps the Ggantija ‘temples’ in Gozo’s Xaghra was built for a similar reason. The Irish dolman reference:

One thing to bear in mind is that the sea level around Malta was 5 metres lower when Ggantija was built 5 to 6k years ago. Not really important though is it?

Relevant though is plate tectonic activity. Much of northern Europe is in the middle of a plate but the Mediterranean still has tremors and quakes because of the northerly migration of the African plate. Over the years the Maltese islands would have been twisted so while the entrances of Ggantija are facing south east now, it would likely have been easterly when under construction. Added complications arise with the precession of the stars over thousands of years so the constellations would have been slightly different too.

Food for thought.

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