I am really pleased with this collection of my own favourite short stories. Some have been published before, but in anthologies or magazines no longer available or rare. Such as What Kept You? A story published in Ultraverse in which time accelerated with altitude on a strange planet. My favourite is Prime Meridian in which a teacher’s house is hit by a grape-sized meteorite at 3:15pm — every day! Here’s the blurb:

Did you enjoy The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside, and those stories that follows the logical consequences of a slight abnormality in everyday life? This collection of 25 surreal short stories are of mixed genre but mostly science fiction, fantasy, and a bit mad. Or, as one beta-reader put it: “More mental than incremental.”

Example: a pothole doubles in size daily near Madrid. Is it merely subsidence? Another appears at its antipodal point in New Zealand. When will it stop? Does it stop?

A man awakes on his ceiling and can’t move…

Sir Francis Bacon, walking a dog in the woods, spots a rope and pulls it…

It will be published on October 6th 2018 by LL-Publications who produced ARIA. Why October 6th? It’s in honour of my mother’s birthday. She had joined me up to the Children’s Science Fiction Book Club when I was just old enough to read.

Pre-order now! Cheaper than a coffee and cake. This link gives you your Amazon Kindle anywhere in the world.

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