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THE CHAOS OF MOKIIchaosofmokii

Imagine a city which exists only in the minds of its inhabitants. There’s everything you’d expect in a real city including fun and trouble. Olga, has to get past the bouncer then in Mokii she finds an intruder. He is trying to usurp the virtual city because there is financial reward from the advertising revenue beamed into the visitors’ minds. Can she thwart him?

New science fiction book release. A short story that only takes you half an hour to read – honestly!

created as an ebook by Solstice Publishing read for only 99 pence or a dollar and a handful of change

The Chaos of Mokii

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The idea for this city that exists only in the consciousness of a group of people came to me after reading The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi (2010). There are similar though not identical concepts there.

Further, my short story writing group, Orbiter #2 of the BSFA are instrumental in obliging me to submit this story to Solstice Publishing.

Thanks go to Olga Guseva of Moscow, Russia, who always supports my writing and after whom the main character in The Chaos of Mokii is named and to Tracy Guzzardo at Solstice for her editorial input.

So far all the reviews on Goodreads and Amazon have been 5* – hope that doesn’t jinx it! I don’t mind alternative viewpoints and ratings, after all it is an experimental metaphysical fiction. eg “Having not read science fiction before, I was pleasantly surprised by the sights and sounds in this unpredictable and delicious mind-spa. Mokii is a place where décor can range from a ‘cross between Titanic and a Cinderella nightmare’ and where avatars change at will. An original and exciting concept that will bend the senses and catapult the reader into another world.

Olga enters Mokii on a mission, but not a mission you might expect. When she is presented with a tray of silver thimbles filled with a ruby and emerald elixir, she can thought-call people, tag them, run through crystal corridors and helical stairways, and think a switch and it will all go away. But in this physical reality where pleasure is mostly in the mind, can we really know what is real and what is not?

Without giving away the plot, I found this a thought-provoking and well written story that challenged me and opened the door into a different and fascinating genre.”

No matter which country you are in this link will send you to the correct Amazon

Solstice and I tried various images for the cover art. We opted for one of Olga and a kind of electronic halo indicating she is in Mokii. Here are others that convey an aspect of the story.



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  1. Geoff Nelder

    The Chaos of Mokii didn’t have its contract renewed by Solstice Publishing partly as a policy decision not to publish such short stories as stand alones. If you want to read it send me a message and I’ll send it to you.


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