My bike ride in Spain 2011 north of Benidorm

I’m inspired by my next door neighbour to blog some of my own photographs. He is Matthew Martin and his blog of inspirational gems is here.

I have to confess that I have no decent camera and lazy enough to be using my phone cam in recent years. I hope I have an eye for a ‘good’ image though and this might come across. I’ve thrown a few together from early to more recent.

March 25 2007 Lache Lane, Chester. Accident-prone winding lane. Their mum was livid!

Between Wetten and Hulme End in the Peak District 2011. Note altocumulus clouds rippling.

June 2012 when I cycled over Ironbridge

Limnisa in Methana, Greece. My fave writing retreat.

The ‘secret’ Anafon Valley, N. Wales – setting for ARIA. I took this photo from the near the summit of Drum.

Great Budworth took over the phone box. It’s the smallest library that has one of my books 🙂

The old Rabbat city on Gozo – features in Xaghra’s Revenge. Too bright at the top, but this image evokes strong memories and emotions for me.

Saltney Ferry bridge across the Dee

Green lane near my house. A selfie if you see the mirror.

The former Chester library, and me, writing.

I won a Kindle Fire at BooksGoSocial. Can you spot ARIA?

15. Old Gozitans relaxing in Victoria. Most Maltese and Gozitans have typical Mediterranean features of black hair and olive skin. Many too have Arabian features.

Near my fave Greek writing retreat one sunset.

Typical old Malta architecture. Limestone and sun – avoidance in Mdina

Taken from the London Eye.

Horseshoe Pass in North Wales. My favourite bike ride with Castle Dinas Bran mid distance.

There’s been criticism over the cost of this foot/cycle bridge over the A55 / A483 nr Chester but I love it!

The Nelder family in Cheltenham 1945. Okay, I didn’t take this one but it speaks so many volumes on several levels, especially social and economic. My dad is on the right, the eldest of those siblings, so had to fight when needed for them. My grandad by then couldn’t work for wounds in 3 wars. He had a bullet staying in his head from the Khyber Pass. 


A selfi.

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  1. Dave Haslett

    Great photos. You should caption that last one: Selfie on a penny farthing!

    Merry Christmas


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