Hot Air

There you are enjoying a birthday treat in a hot air balloon. You drift across the rooftops that are the quintessence of Regency Bath in rural England. Why would someone want to shoot you down? How is a hot air balloon shot down?
This unusual and graphic beginning leads to a lethal hide-and-seek adventure in the Mediterranean; Erica is the feisty redhead in trouble. It is up to her to get sorted and survive, even if it means ditching a weak boyfriend for a tough bit of rough, although people are not what they seem.

Underlying the scary events is a criminal family whose specialism grew from money laundering to people laundering, working for other underworld syndicates – a multinational bad company. Seeing suspicious men behind every olive tree and distrusting the police, Erica learned to use the methodology of the villains against them in order to survive and seek justice. A poetic and ironic justice.

Hot Air won the silver award for best unpublished novel. I went to collect the award with my daughter at the Dutch Arts Academy that awarded it in Groningen.

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