A collection of 25 surreal short stories such as:

Pothole: on the outskirts of Madrid a pothole in the road doubles in size every day. A teen and his girlfriend is concerned but the authorities assume its another sinkhole. They’re wrong and Madrid is swallowed. The hole continues to double. How long before Spain is gone? The world? The efforts of Zoe and Mateo to alert the world and seek their own escape turns this fascinating plot into a human story.

466Hz: A sound engineer disembarks off a bus to hear a small sound B flat. Only it is worldwide and gets louder by a decibel every day. Will it stop before rupturing the brains of everyone?

Chicken: A couple commit suicide via a tandem skydive, but one of them changes his mind on the way down.

Paperback or as a Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

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