Editing services

Editing Services by Geoff Nelder

Short story, novel critique and content editing

 Service Overview:

Read a sample and outline of your novel free of charge and feedback as below. On a duplicate of the copy you send me and using MS Word’s Comment feature (let me know if you are unfamiliar with that):

  1. correct generic error patterns in punctuation, grammar and spellings (keeping US English if the original is such)
  2. suggest rephrasing of awkward phrasing; closely repeated words; “stutter words” such as just, even, still; weak qualifying words; unnecessary or incorrect dialogue tags, and tense errors
  3. point out POV changes or confusions out of the expected
  4. alert you to continuity errors in the plot, character descriptions, times, etc
  5. alert you to technical issues
  6. suggestions with regard to characterisation (turning two-dimensional into three), cliché avoidance in speech and plot.
  7. comments on other aspects as they occur

I work with e-mailed MS Word documents. I will change the format to Times New Roman, 12 point, double-spaced and page numbered if you haven’t already done so.

Because I am a full-time but self-employed writer / editor I can work on submitted pieces quickly.


Initially, I would free-of-charge assess your outline and first chapter. I’ll send you my comments free of charge and an assessment on whether my services are suitable for you, and offer my opinion on the publishing viability of your project. Then if we agree to go ahead, my charges are payable in full (or by agreed instalments) after delivery of the first chapter or 20 pages. 700 USD or 500 British pounds per 100,000 words (pro rata) assuming the submission is of a reasonable standard. Minimum charge is 200 USD or 150 British pounds. Euros at the going rate from GB pounds. Payment is by cheque or PayPal. Paypal to


Proofreading Services by Geoff Nelder

Professional Proofreading

Service Overview:

Proofreading is a slower process than content / copy editing. For that I charge £400 per 100,000 words (pro rata) assuming the work has been checked by the writer and is of a reasonable standard. Cheques made out to G Nelder and email me for the address. I will accept your work a chapter at a time or full text, but would appreciate a synopsis of the complete work – just a brief 300 word or so summary, not a chapter précis – with the first chapter. If I am required to do a revision of work I have already edited; compose a synopsis, blurb and query letters then an additional 60 USD or 30 British pounds will be charged per hour. Initial inquiry by e-mail to me