Silence is broken

Some of you might be wondering why I’ve not blogged since October 2020. No, I’ve not had Covid or some other debilitating disease unless you call moving house an ailment. In some ways it is: you certainly feel there is a disturbance in the Force when you put all your worldly belongings in a truck (after discarding half of it); the wretched, wrenching feeling when with your spouse in the car, you peer back at the home you’ve made for the previous 43 years; your grown-up kids who now have their own sprogs only knew that nest, so you hurt from abandonment issues on their behalf; objects that knew their place before now hide out of fear in the new home. (example: I needed to move the car at 0700 this morning so that scaffolders can get by – our ‘new’ roof needs fixing – but the -2.2 C frost had prettied the car windows. Before December 3rd I could place my hand on the de-icer and scraper blindfolded. This morning I stood perplexed in the kitchen, mentally travelling the new cupboards, shed, unopened boxes, drawers and bedrooms before realizing the de-icers were in the car. The frozen car. I put bubblewrap over the windscreen to prevent frosting. It froze to the glass obliging me to scrape bubble-wrap AND ice. I should have stuck to bubble-wrap as being only good for sex like in that scene in my Escaping Reality but that’s another story.

Why move at all if it is so traumatic? I convince myself it isn’t so bad. My dad moved house every 2 years in his last dozen or so years. He called it extended holidays. Note the locations from one end of Britain to the other: Cheltenham Spa, Berwick-upon-Dee (seaside), Ledbury (small, pretty, historic town), Exmouth (seaside), Peebles (pretty Scottish tourist town). The reason for our relocation is to be close to daughter and her boys. Sure enough within days of moving to Urmston, Manchester, grandson (11) cycled to us on his way home from school to use our facilities including a glass of orange and a biscuit. House move justified! Yeay.

We’re still surrounded by boxes of our books. We can’t put them up on shelves until said shelves are on the walls. Can’t do that until walls are skimmed and painted. Can’t do that until replacement windows are in and new lounge fire, and old splintered bricks have been hammered out and replaced.

Hence the writing mojo went on holiday. I wish I could have gone on holiday with it but Covid… plus although I’m no DIY bod, my better half might need support dealing with so many tradespeople, quotes, repairing the repairs, and so on. However, over Christmas I found my WIP was drawing me to add a few hundred words each day. Kepler’s Son is the third book (treacle?) in the Flying Crooked series set on a faraway planet in the future. Marvellous for escaping the present-day Earth and its ghastliness.

I was so pleased to have kickstarted writing again albeit in small punches that I screen-dumped three chapters and played around with the image it created to produce a joke picture. I posted it on social media only for some friends thinking I really wrote like that!

This week I wrote less because an editing job came my way. An ex-Royal Navy man had a collection of ditties, skits, poems and short stories that he’s thinking of getting published. I found myself laughing as I sung some of the shanties and discovered aspects of being in the Falklands conflict and the far East. Thanks.

Happy New Year to all writers and readers on this planet and others.

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