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Ages ago when my grandkids weren’t as wise as they are now, I wrote half a dozen illustrated children’s stories for them. Obviously, they were tinged with the Nelder surreal touch. Only one was professionally illustrated. She is Kathleen Bullock living in America and executed a fine job. Scoot is a young lad, loosely modelled on Oliver and Nathan. His name comes from his favourite vehicular pastime. He and his dog found the end of a piece of string and follows it through the village. Through shops, parks, woods and the library. What happens to it? Scoot has a theory – STRING THEORY.

Front cover of String Theory – WIP

The story idea came from a bike ride. I was riding from Llangollen to Chester one day when I saw a piece of red twine on the road. I followed it up hills and round bends until I encountered a council lorry. Sitting on the drop-down tailgate was a workman reeling in the twine! He said it wasn’t his but his boss had a report it might get caught in bicycle gears or strangle an old lady so he was sent out to collect it. Hence the idea for STRING THEORY.


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I’m experimenting with Payhip – a bit similar to ebay but just books and you pay with PayPal. For £2 or under $3 it’s yours to read on your tablet or other device to your young ones. Probably suit 5-9 years most though I enjoyed rereading it too.

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