SUPPOSE WE is released!

Is there anything special about May 20th?

Yes! Five important events occurred on that day:
1498 Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama discovers the sea route to India.
1609 Shakespeare’s sonnets are published for the first time.
1932 Amelia Earhart is the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.
1972 Gaynor Smith marries Geoff Nelder in Latchford Methodist Chapel tucked in between the Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal. Yes 47 years ago!
2019 SUPPOSE WE is published – the first surreal science fiction novella in the Flying Crooked series.
When a ship crashlands on a faraway planet the crew needs local help. Unfortunately, the natives are a million years ahead of us. Ignored, the crew has to find a way to get attention.
Bringing back a sense of discovery and wonder to science fiction.

As far as I know this is the first science fiction book written by a vegan, featuring a vegan protagonist and set on a vegan planet. I’ve been vegan for over 40 years and although I’ve written shorts with vegan / veggie characters I’ve been waiting for the right story for a vegan-inspired theme. The planet is vegan in the sense that there are no predators larger than insects. The ecology works! I’m taking a chance here but non-vegan beta readers have enjoyed the story, the characters (not all vegan) and the mysterious things happening on the strange planet of Kepler 20h.

I wrote much of this story at a fabulous Greek writing retreat, Limnisa. A butterfly alighted on my Sony Vaio demanding to be let into the tale and so it was!

Magdelena Ball at Compulsive Reader: There’s always an element of action, a hint of steamy romance, and Nelder’s trademark twist.

John F Keane there is great sensory engagement here and many great phrases and descriptions. A masterclass in those, in fact.

Universal Amazon link for the Kindle – the paperback is also there.
The image is on this strange planet in the Keplerian 20 system and so is the butterfly. It’s alien. It’s not a real butterfly yet wondrous.

Published with great foresight by the indie publisher LL-Publications.

More info at


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