Taking advantage of #HotAir Balloon fests

Hot Air - Geoff Nelder


Yep, this is the season of hot air balloooning all over the world. Lord knows what it’s doing to global warming! Haha. It was while I sat on a grassy hill, years ago, and seeing a flotilla of hot air balloons take off over the quintessentially-English town of Bath that the wicked thought sneaked in: How do you shoot down a hot air balloon? Can’t. Right? It’s not hydrogen or helium, but I do just that in HOT AIR.

Erica, the feisty female protagonist is enjoying her 25th birthday ride on a hot air balloon. As she shares the basket with her idiot boyfriend and experienced balloonist, they spy a nefarious goings on in a Bath garden below them. Sexy goings on? Or something more illegal and dangerous? A balloon isn’t silent so they are spotted. The chase and gunshots ensue. Can a baloon take shortcuts across a river estuary to get away from the killers?

Yes and no. I won’t give too much away but the daring redheaded Erica becomes abducted, and spirited away to Mallorca, a popular holiday resort in the Mediterranean. Ironically she is held captive in a watchtower, built centuries ago by the authorities to look out for pirates and enemies.

HOT AIR won gold and silver awards in the Netherlands when it came out and is now published as an ebook (in English) by Adventure Books of Seattle. Cheap as a box of matches, or a bullet. 

Kindle http://hyperurl.co/di4y0h

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Xaghras-Revenge-Out-NowMy long-awaited Xaghra’s Revenge was released a couple of weeks ago as ebook and paperback. see blog page https://geoffnelder.com/project/xaghras-revenge/


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