True Horror Ticking in Prague


A few years ago Gaynor and I visited Prague in the Czech Republic and fell in love with the city – its buildings, especially Kafka’s house and the still-working, centuries old Astronomical Clock. The latter is fascinating. Huge, accurate and clockwork. Then I read up on its history. The clock was designed between 1402 and 1410. It was completed then but the council had the clock meister blinded with a hot iron so that he couldn’t honour contracts to build a better clock for other cities! What? How come I’d not heard of this? Why hadn’t local writer extraordinaire, Kafka, written this up? My fictionalised version of this horror was originally called Tick Tock but the Peasant Magazine publisher’s beta reader asked for a better title and so it became The Clock Meister’s Revenge because, oh yes, he took vengeance for real. The stories in this magazine are:

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the contents of Issue #2:

“A Loyal Man” by Helen E. Patterson 

“The Bed of Penitence” by André Medeiros

“The Clock Meister’s Revenge” by Geoff Nelder

“A Stable Master’s Gambit” by J. VanZile

“Nuttingham” by Arin Lee Kambitsis

“Lights of the Lidth” by Alexis Veenendaal

“The Mists of Gaulion” by Daniel Cano

“Violence’s Red End” by Joel Glover

“The Owl” by J. J. Egosi

“Raiders of Pravda Vremya” by Charles Moffat

To download a free PDF version of Issue #2 of Peasant Magazine (ed. Charles Moffat) , simply click the link below:

If you prefer to read an 8.5 x 11 printed version you can purchase a copy of Issue #2 of Peasant Magazine at: US Amazon

and for UK click here and only a fiver!

link to the magazine site:

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