When luggage isn’t a suitcase

As you know Amazon.uk is for Brits, Amazon.au for Australians, etc with Amazon.com for the Americans and maybe for countries without a dot something. It’s therefore a pain to give multiple Amazon links when promoting books. However, there’s a nifty bit of coding offered by some companies to use only one link and the correct Amazon link is delivered to whatever country the user resides. I use https://booklinker.com but tragedy struck! Mybook.to is theirs.

The link I’ve been using for my Left Luggage scifi book in sometimes expensive promotions has been one with Luggage in the address. In the UK it works a charm but for US potential readers my Left Luggage book link pulled up pages of Amazon selling suitcases! Argh. It seemed the only way US readers could find my Left Luggage was to use the ISBN or the Kindle code or search through Geoff Nelder books on Amazon.

Solution:  to NOT use the word luggage in any link! Aria Trilogy - Left Luggage

So now the correct link is https://mybook.to/ARIA-LeftL

If you’ve not read ARIA: Left Luggage then please consider doing so. It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited anyway. Imagine if Covid spread with 100% efficiency but with no vaccine and no treatment AND if the symptoms was amnesia. A forgetting backwards by a year’s worth per week. Great fun to research and write. First released in 2012 and yet so contemporary. Enjoy.

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