Why am I answering the door to myself?

What if you open your front door to find yourself staring back? Not a long lost identical twin but a kind of doppelganger intent on doing you harm and taking your place. But why? How to keep them out of your house? Who would believe you’re the real you? Thanks to Amy Nelder when I brainstormed her with this idea in Nottingham. The story IDENTITY CRISIS was snatched up by editor Dorothy Davies for her publishing concern Fiction4All in the Other Worlds Volume 1 anthology. By chance I’ve met two other authors in that anthology: John F Keane and Frances Gow (under the name F.G.Laval). Small world in this Other Worlds!

Ebook initially, paperback to come. Price under £4 or coffee and cake – lasting longer!



Nelder News

I broke my arm!! Yes, I was cycling in Warrington when a car pulled out in front of me. I hit the offside and landed on my bike on Thelwall New Road alongside the Manchester Ship Canal. Within moments five lovely local women were on me urging me to stay still yet carrying me and bicycle to the safety of the verge. Thanks ladies! Arm was in plaster for weeks and a splint support since. You like gory then here you go:

The third book in the Flying Crooked series of SF novellas, Kepler’s Son is due out later this year. The fourth volume, Vanished Earth, has been written and going through beta-readers. Thanks to Frances Gow, Mark Iles and Reb – a genius Russian émigré whose own literary fiction will be out soon.  When descendants of Suppose We return to find their mother planet, Earth, it’s gone! What happened? Is that it hiding inside Jupiter? Loved doing the research for this.

Also published recently was ALIEN EXIT a science fiction first-contact novel as an ebook only https://mybook.to/alienexit

Revised Xaghra’s Revenge set in present-day and 16th Century Malta and Gozo now retitled as Vengeance Island http://mybook.to/VIsland

Escaping Reality – humorous thriller • http://hyperurl.co/nyjaiv
Hot Air – thriller set in Mallorca • http://hyperurl.co/di4y0h
ARIA: Left Luggage – infectious amnesia scifi  • smarturl.it/1fexhs
ARIA: Returning Left Luggage • http://hyperurl.co/tgtid6
ARIA: Abandon Luggage • http://hyperurl.co/26trxv
Incremental – 25 surreal short stories • http://mybook.to/Incremental
Suppose We -science fiction space exploration • https://mybook.to/SupposeWe
The Chaos of Mokii   ebook at https://mybook.to/Kaos

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