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Xaghras-Revenge-Out-NowWow, an outstanding and astounding review from that old favourite SFF magazine Amazing Stories for XAGHRA’S REVENGE. http://amazingstoriesmag.com/…/xhagras-revenge-geoff-nelder/

The same day as I read this review I saw this good one on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R3JNFJFKE93SG3/ref=pe_1572281_66412651_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv

Please, if you’ve read Xaghra’s Revenge, consider scribbling a short review for it for Amazon or Goodreads or both. Thanks.

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Extra blurb

The day has come for revenge. Is revenge sweet? Find out how 5000 islanders were abducted in 1551 and what are the repercussions today. Follow two modern lovers who discover their heritage.

A rare insight into Libya, past and present.

How the tiny, beautiful Mediterranean island of Gozo, with one of the oldest buildings in the world, might be the centre of the spiritual world.

How a harem in Constantinople treated slave girls and how some rebelled.

#FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available to buy

Kindle http://myBook.to/Xaghra

Paperback: http://hyperurl.co/y953ga

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