Beeping on the bus

Beeping noise on the bus. Every few seconds. I thought it was my tinnitus taking on a new player, but others talked about it. Finally, at a stop, the driver announced his apologies. I shouted, “Turn your bus off and on again.” Everyone laughed, but it worked – as the driver probably knew it would.

It reminded me of the opening to ARIA: Left Luggage. One man with buzzing in his head, on a bus. By the time everyone disembarked they all had it, and the driver. Infectious amnesia. Imagine the ramifications.

See how it works out for only 99 cents or pence in ARIA

I thought ARIA was mainly a medical mystery with its infectious amnesia being so unique, but others tell me it is science fiction mainly because of books two and three when aliens get involved. However, it is horror. After all, 7 billion people die, and most of the aliens, yet hardly a shot fired, no nuclear bombs.

Worth checking out the trailer again here.

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